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Welcome to our first blog post! In order for you to get to know us a bit better, I would like to share one of our favorite products. Perhaps you are familiar with Dyptique Candles? A well known, French brand of scented products with divine scents. Here is New England, winter can be pretty bleak. We spend lots of time inside, especially with winters with little snow to play in! One of my favorite indulgences to cozy up with and make my home feel special is a high quality scented candle. I light them in the afternoon if I am home working or at night when watching tv. Dyptique is one of my favorite brands. The design is simple and distinctive and the assortment of scents is divine! There is never a cloying, artificial smell even with one of my favorites, rose. Because the candle is expensive, I light it with intention. I take the time to enjoy and appreciate the specialness. The same can be said of flowers. They are also an ephemeral indulgence of beauty and are created to beautify a home. At A Natural Arrangement, we choose flowers with intention of creating a special indulgence for you or your recipient to enjoy and appreciate!

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